More Than Just Fair-Weather Friends


Health fairs bring program and service information to districts

The annual health fairs in all three districts each fall are a great opportunity for Band members to learn about the wealth of programs and services ready to help. And the free lunch and prizes are kind of nice, too.

This year’s fairs took place September 17-20 beginning at Meshakwad Community Center and moving on to East Lake, Neyaashiing (District I), and Chiminising.

Dozens of vendors set up tables at the events to share information as well as everything from pens and calendars to cookbooks and dental floss.

You could get your blood sugar checked, don a headband that helps you meditate, or put on goggles that make you feel inebriated. A lactation station provide nursing women with privacy and comfort, and free mammograms were offered each day.

Among Band programs and departments in attendance were Housing, Circle of Health, Behavioral Health, Wraparound, the Diabetes Program, Early Education, Batterers’ Intervention, Four Winds Lodge treatment center, Emergency Services, WIC, and more. Outside agencies were also well represented.

Miigwech to the Public Health Department, which sponsors the health fairs each year.