Constitution, Statutes and Policies

The Mille Lacs Band is a federally recognized, sovereign constituent band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. At the core of tribal sovereignty is the power to make and enforce laws within tribal jurisdiction. Accordingly, the Band has statutes and ordinances that define its laws and the authority of each branch of government.

Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Constitution and Bylaws

Read more about the MCT Constitution and Bylaws, including Ordinances and Interpretations, at the MCT Website.

For information on the ongoing MCT Constitutional Convention meetings, see Constitutional Convention Information.

Mille Lacs Band Statutes

Historical Documents

The following documents pertain to the history of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, which was created by the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.
48 Stat. 984 — Indian Reorganization Act
49 Stat. 378
1936 MCT Constitution
1938 MCT Corporate Charter
1963 Revised Constitution and Bylaws

Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual